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Child Custody Is One Of The Most Disputed Topics In Divorce

When parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, the court will decide on what is in the “best interest of the child” and make a custody decision based on a number of different factors. These factors may include:

  • The parent’s wishes
  • The child’s wishes (depending on age and maturity level)
  • How the child interacts with both parents and their home environment
  • The mental and physical health of all parties involved
  • Whether or not there has been a history of domestic violence in the past
  • The willingness of each parent to foster and nurture their child

At The Barhaugh Law Firm, P.C., in Naperville, attorney Darran Barhaugh represents all types of families engaged in Illinois child custody disputes and seeks to provide effective legal guidance that will benefit all parties. He believes each parent deserves a chance to build a connection with their child, and if it is in the best interest of the child, he will help to protect those parental rights.

The Barhaugh Law Firm, P.C. can help you understand which custody options are available to you.

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